30th Annual Art Auction at MoNA

The 30th Annual Art Auction at the Museum of Northwest Art in La Conner, WA starts Monday June 6, 2022! Support your local gallery and your favorite artists!

This annual auction is MoNA’s biggest fundraiser of the year. This year’s theme “The Future Is Here!” celebrates the museum’s 41st birthday as they look forward to the next 40+ years…

My contribution to the auction is shown below – handmade from recycled linen, with a band of suzuri textile that I brought back from Istanbul a decade or so ago, and a hand embroidered stylized Turkish tulip on the crown. The hat is adjustable in back via corset lacings and reclaimed metal washers. Click on the arrow in the media player to see a 360 view!

It’s one of many pieces donated by local artists for this great cause.

The preview runs June 6-18 at MoNA. Online silent auction begins June 10, with a live auction on June 17 (both virtual and in person). More details are available on the museum website.

Hand Embroidered and Turkish Inspired Tulip Visor…

Post Script: This hat went for about a third of its retail value, making an exceptionally great deal for the customer who won the bid. Thank you again for supporting the Museum of Northwest Art!

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