All Laced Up : )

Now that the triple-digit heat wave has ended in Seattle, and I can once again stand to handle wools and my steam iron, it’s time to get back to work. Towards the end of last week, I made a list of priority tasks I’ve been postponing, and commissions I am stuck on. Lists are a tool that most people use to focus.

I sometimes think I make lists simply to ignore them…

And I’m still in a creative rut. I have a myriad of excuses, most of which I will blame on a pandemic which melded one day into another, and even though I started re-entering the community at large 2 months ago, inspiration and motivation are still both sorely lacking.

I remembered a game I used to play when I found myself in similar circumstances in the past. I would walk into my shop, and take a box off the shelf, and force myself to make something from the contents of that box. Sometimes it was my bowl of buttons, or a tail-end from a bolt of trim, or a bit of brocade that’s been hanging around for years. This time, it was my box of lace remnants, most of which were thrift store finds.

The first hat featured a row of work that edged a pair of tea towels, four panels of what I think is tatting, that I had long feared taking apart for fear of wrecking them. Casting fear aside and picking up the scissors, I found that I could separate the panels after all. I filled the voids with tiny copper beads scavenged from a broken necklace, and finished it with a cuff from a vintage jacket bearing a label of “Canadian Select Beaver,” (sheared and bleached) which was a pretty perfect match.

The second was the most challenging – a beautiful but troublesome piece with scalloping on both edges. I tried to cut the scrolled edge away and use it to cap the leaf-like lozenges, but the more I stitched, the more the lace disintegrated, as lace is wont to do when it is cut apart. The final version, augmented with silver leaves and beads, passed my quality standard. The fact that the spirals on the cuff line up with those three lozenges on the crown was a very happy happenstance…

The last one was another piece of lace, scalloped on both edges and just enough for a single hat. Again, happenstance occurred when I was able to match the pattern all the way around the crown of the hat. You will see purple/plum glass beads imbedded into the base of that white lace. I used some of the same beads to hold down the (new) black lace on the cuff, which allowed me to leave the lower edges to hang loose, giving a bit of swing to the padded cotton pique.

Challenge complete and (at least for today) lifted out of my rut, I’m off to finish one of those commissions and maybe even attend to the rest of that priority projects list…

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  1. Wonderful work, as always! It’s fun to see the eclectic way you combine things to create your wearable art! Hoping this sort of thing teases your muse further out of hiding!

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