Category: Historica

“Historica Tractatus” (noun, Latin) – essays I have written on a variety of topics, with heavy emphasis on Yuan Dynasty China and Mongolia. Articles are now available via pdf download.

A Thirteenth Century Ger

The ger, or yurt as it is commonly called, is one of two forms of portable housing that have been used by Central Asian nomads for centuries, dating back to the Scythians. My study reflects their usage by the nomads of Tibet, Mongolia and China during the time of Marco Polo.

Medicinal Teas of the East and West During the Medieval Period

This article compares a selection of herbs which were used as medicinal teas in both Western Europe and Asia during the medieval period. It includes personal taste tests : )

Pre-17th Century Uses of Mint

I had planned to write about the medieval uses of the herbs and flowers growing in my own garden. When I found out how extensive the Mint family was, I focused on this genus and discarded all else…