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A Berber Inspired Hat

If you’ve been following me here, you will know that every country I visit, inspires a hat. This one is inspired by a door in a kasbah in Morocco.

Morocco 2017 – Epilogue

“I did not see the things I expected to… and I saw what I never expected to see…”

Morocco 2017 – The Atlas Mountains

In the City of O, Berber Girl finds her flock …

Morocco 2017 – Marrakech

We are on the road to Marrakech. You can almost hear everyone humming the famous Crosby, Still & Nash song to themselves …

Morocco 2017 – Taroudant and a GPS Fail

Another wonderful riad, a grainery, and a souk where I watch but cannot photograph metalsmiths at work.

Morocco 2017 – A race, a fortress, and a film studio

More kasbahs and ksars. One so close and yet so far away in Ouarzazate, where shenanigans play out on a stage set or two…

Morocco 2017 – A Citadel and a Berber carpet shop

We depart the Todra Gorge and head toward a magnificent citadel, and yet another carpet loom…

Morocco 2017 – Todra Gorge and Berber Pizza

I would have happily stayed in the Red Dunes for a few more days, but we have more camels and kasbahs to see… and Doug’s friend Said!

Morocco 2017 – The Red Dunes – a Sea of Sand

Moha, dressed in a blue caftan and white turban, will be our guide and camp concierge, and will take us into the Erg Chebbi dunes, the tallest in Morocco.

Morocco 2017 – Monkeys, a White Horse, and a Kasbah

Where I feed rare monkeys in the wild, and thwart a kidnapping by a white horse, on the way to a kasbah on the edge of the Sahara.

Morocco 2017 – Fez Day 2: tiles, souks and cemeteries

I’ve been waiting the entire trip to see the Qarawiyyin Library. Established originally as a mosque by Fatima Al-Fihre in 859, it houses 4,000 rare books and manuscripts, and is the oldest working library in the world.

Morocco 2017 – Fez and all the broken things

The hotel is a stark contrast to the riad in Rabat and the boutique hotel in Chefchaouen. My room overlooks a swimming pool. For the first time since arriving, I am wishful for my suitcase.

Morocco 2017 – The Blue City of Chefchaouen

he Blue City of Chefchaouen was established in 1471. It served as a refuge for Moriscos and Jews escaping the Spanish Inquisition and was also a stronghold against the Portuguese.

Morocco 2017 – Rabat

We arrive in Rabat, founded in the 10th century, now the second largest metropolis in Morocco. We drive along the crenelated wall of the Kasbah of the Oudaias and walk through the medina to our riad.

Morocco 2017 – Welcome to Casablanca!

A red-headed cowboy leaning against a pillar in baggage claim, looks up from his phone. He offers to assist with luggage, and looks around for mine. “I’m traveling light this trip.”

Morocco At Last

Finally. After two weeks of flurried preparations at both home and office, and a very long night filled with unnecessary preparations, today has arrived. I am on my way to Morocco.