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My long-form travel journals which include historical notes and travel tips. Excerpts with heavy photo content are housed at Daveno Travels.

Crossroads Tour – Return to Florence

It begins. Another rainy day in Seattle. Last minute chores. The 10:15 AM Metro bus which I almost miss, and the 10:45 Lightrail which whizzes past the Franz “Slice of White Bread” sign that always cracks me up. My Crossroads Tour is officially underway.

Crossroads Tour – Prologue

I receive a gift – an opportunity to take an extended trip abroad, to any country I choose.I had promised myself that if another opportunity ever arose, I would begin where I last ended, in Florence.

Three Days in Florence

I sit on the broad expanse of steps outside the train station, enjoying the sunset as the sky variegates from grey at the horizon, to rose, to robin-egg blue. Church bells filling the chilling air, and I go inside to board my train…