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“Historica Tractatus” (noun, Latin) – historical treatises and essays I have written on a variety of topics, with heavy emphasis on Yuan Dynasty Mongolia and China. Click on the title to access the printable document via download.

Names from the Secret History of the Mongols

I compiled this list of names from my copy of The Secret History as adapted by Paul Khan, published by North Point Press, San Francisco, 1984. I intended it as a resource for the Offices of Heraldry for the SCA as well as any LARP or gaming groups that may find it useful.

The Mongolian Invasions of Medieval Europe

In Mongolian warfare, deception formed a basis of battle strategy, and combined with high levels of discipline, organization and personal strength to make the Mongolian army a fierce force to be reckoned with.

Names from the History of Archers

A list of names from The History of the Nation of the Archers by Grigor of Akanc, written in 1271 in Cilicia at Akanc’ and preserved at the Armenian Convent of St. James at Jerusalem.

The Search for Prester John – Part 2

The search was continued by European explorers and missionaries as they traveled through China. During the 3rd Crusade, John of Joinville, the chief chronicler for Louis IX of France, wrote of two envoys where were sent to Kuyuk Khan, bearing with them a chapel..

In Search of Prester John – Part 1

Nestorian missionaries converted the Keraits, along with the Naiman and Merkit tribes, early in the 11th century. These Asian Christians became very different theologically from their counterparts in the West, and were perceived as a mythical cult. From this perception grew the fantastical legend of Prester John.

A Thirteenth Century Ger

The ger, or yurt as it is commonly called, is one of two forms of portable housing that have been used by Central Asian nomads for centuries, dating back to the Scythians. My study reflects their usage by the nomads of Tibet, Mongolia and China during the time of Marco Polo.

Medicinal Teas of the East and West During the Medieval Period

This article compares a selection of herbs which were used as medicinal teas in both Western Europe and Asia during the medieval period. It includes personal taste tests : )

Pre-17th Century Uses of Mint

I had planned to write about the medieval uses of the herbs and flowers growing in my own garden. When I found out how extensive the Mint family was, I focused on this genus and discarded all else…