The Red Dunes of Morocco…

As of May 2021, I am migrating most of my travel journals to Daveno Travels where I am reissuing them as Director’s Cuts, with full text and previously unpublished photos. This is an excerpt from my three weeks in Morocco in 2017.

We end our too-short stay in the exquisite Kasbah Moyahut, and find a young man in a white turban and blue caftan waiting for us out front.  It’s Moha, our guide and camp concierge, who would take us into the Erg Chebbi dunes, the tallest in Morocco. Our camels arrive, so we grab our overnight satchels and mount up.  And we’re off!

Not quite an hour later, our camp comes in to view … a cluster of dark oblong tents surrounded by a reed fence enclosure, nestled in a depression between some dunes. We dismount and are shown to our rooms – individual tents surrounding the carpet-strewn courtyard.  My tent is lined in synthetic silk, with a tidy twin bed made up with sheets and blankets, and a mosquito net canopy draped over the end.  

The ‘restaurant’ is a tall circular tent draped on the inside with several colors of ‘silk’, gathering at the top with the ends twisting around the center support pole.  We are seated on the low couches that line the walls, where we are served egg and kefte tagine, salad, and sliced oranges and tea for desert.

I am told there is internet reception here, so after lunch I hike up a nearby dune and try to “Facebook from the desert.”  I don’t get a signal.  What I do get is a lot of sand in my laptop as the wind picks up. I take some photos of the incredible landscape, my bare feet rejoicing in the hot sand.  

Soon it’s time to saddle up for a sunset ride. We zigzag along the edges of dunes, and learn from our guides that this zig-zag route (rather than going straight up the side of the dune) takes longer but is safer and more energy efficient for the camels. 

We reach our destination and park the camels at the base of the dune. We climb up to our vantage point, just as the wind starts to kick up. I pull my scarf over my face as I watch the dunes start to change colors with the sun’s setting rays.  Moha (lower right) and Hassan (lower left) allow me to photograph them, and Hassan takes the photo of me that my friends would label as iconic.

To book a tour with Moha, please visit Sahara Camel Trips! To book a tour with Doug Baum, please visit Texas Camel Corps. For additional photos the day, please visit Daveno Travels.

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  1. It is such a treat to vicariously enjoy your adventures as you GROK Morocco!

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