Featured Hats

Previews of my newest works

Raven Steals the Sun – a Gothic interpretation of a First People’s legend. Dimensional applique in leather on wool. The leather is recycled from an old couch.
A suede cap with dimensional padded crows appliqued to a deep green linen brim.  Recycled materials.  Themed from an Islamic folio housed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
The Crow King Consulting His Ministers (from a Kalila wa Dimna, an Islamic allegory) Suede, lined in wool, with padded leather birds on a linen cuff.
Old clothes take new form…
The Firebird – dimensional applique in ultra suede on wool with a faux fur cuff
Phoenix Feathers, inspired by the padded goldwork embroidery at the
“Peacock of the Desert” exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum Nov 2018-Jan 2019.
Ultra sued and goldwork on wool with a recycled mink cuff.