Charitable giving is an important part of my mission. For several years I have donated a percentage of my direct sales (not profits) to a rotating list of my favorite non-profits.

As of 2019 I expanded my list and now allow my patrons choose where that percentage of their purchase should go. If you do not have a preference, my current default organization is Roots of Peace.

Learn more about these organizations below:

  • Roots of Peace – This group removes landmines and explosive devices and assists farmers in replanting those fields with vineyards and orchards, helping them to gain a toehold on peace through sustainable agriculture in war-torn lands around the globe.
  • World Central Kitchen – Changing the world through the eyes of a chef. As chefs, our work in the kitchen improves health, increases education rates, provides career skills, and creates food businesses.
  • The Nature Conservancy – conserving the lands and waters upon which all life depends.
  • Doctors Without Borders – delivering emergency medical aid to people affected by conflict, epidemics, disasters, or exclusion from health care worldwide.
  • International Rescue Committee – helping people in international crises to survive, recover and regain control of their future through resettlement and other programs.
  • Planned Parenthood – delivering reproductive health care and sex education for the past 100 years.
  • Real Change News – Real Change exists to provide opportunity and a voice for low-income and homeless people while taking action for economic, social and racial justice.

In addition, a generous portion of your hat purchase from Brookfield Craft Center, Peters Valley School of Craft and Tubac Center of the Arts helps to support the teaching of American Craft at those non-profit organizations.

Thank you for helping me to Pay It Forward!

Heather Daveno, Artisan Hatmaker and Hat Whisperer : )