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This hat is fully lined and covers your ears. It is custom made, see the top of this catalog page for my current production time.
I visited several mosques in Istanbul, my favorite was the Sultan Suleyman Camii. The filigree that graced the bottom of the interior domes  inspired me to replicate the concept in textile.
I offer this hat in a variety of textiles. A band of (new) lace and beadwork wraps around the crown, a padded cuff is ornamented with leaves and berries. Due to the nature of working with reclaimed materials, your hat will not be identical to the one shown here.

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  1. Victoria France

    Hi Heather

    I’ve ordered a couple of hats from you including a pink pussycat. In don’t remember my hat size for that hat and I’m unable to measure my head to get a correct size to make new orders. Nothing has changed for me. Maybe you still have info on the past order I made as respects the hat size? Thanks very much

    Victoria France

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