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Crossroads Tour – Firenze Final Day

I wake up at 6:30 AM, but roll back and try to go back to sleep. Forty-five minutes later, a neighbor starts playing Spanish guitar in the lobby just outside my door. There are worse ways to wake up on a Sunday morning…

Crossroads Tour – Florence First Day

I head out to the Boboli Gardens, where wander for much of the rest of the day. My last trip to Florence ended here, so this is my official starting point for this trip.

Crossroads Tour – Return to Florence

It begins. Another rainy day in Seattle. Last minute chores. The 10:15 AM Metro bus which I almost miss, and the 10:45 Lightrail which whizzes past the Franz “Slice of White Bread” sign that always cracks me up. My Crossroads Tour is officially underway.