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Crossroads Tour – The Horn, Astrolabes, and a Holy Place

I hurry on to the Islamic Science Museum, eager to see how it compares to the Galileo Museum in Florence. There are world globes in the entryway, but unlike the ones in Florence, these are not enclosed in glass. The first room is filled with astrolabes!

Crossroads Tour – The Bosphorus

I find the Sirkeci train station, the arrival point of the legendary Orient Express. I had hoped to come to Istanbul on this train, but it only runs twice a year, departing out of London.

Crossroads Tour – The Topkapi Palace

I arrive at the Topkapi Palace 2 hours before closing. I wait in a line that eats up twenty valuable minutes, and enter through the Gate of Salutation, whose iconic towers remind me a little bit of Disneyland.