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Essays I have written on textile history, embellishment technique and Asian-centric DIY articles including a Tibetan tent and a Mongolian boot! Documents are available via pdf download.

Stitchery Series Part V – Applique & More!

Appliqué can be as simple as applying a leaf to a surface, and running a vein down the center. It can also be as complex as embroidering a patch that is then appliquéd another surface, as was the case with ‘tablion’ in Byzantium.

Stitchery Series Part IV – Chinese Symbolism

The invention of the draw loom and the development of brocades allowed patterns to be woven into the cloth, which was often over-embroidered to augment the woven patterns (a technique I now employ on my hats…) 

Stitchery Series Part III – The Stitches

There are somewhere around 100 – 150 identifiable embroidery stitches used worldwide. I have only captured here those that are the oldest and most recognizable…