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Reconstructing the UlaanBaatar Boot´╗┐

A friend and I stumbled across these boots in a military antiques shop in Seattle, and recognized them as traditional Mongolian footwear from UlaanBaatar.

Making a Tibetan Maikhan

The peaked roof of the 13th century maikhan was supported by a ridgepole, supported in turn by two upright poles. Guy ropes were made of yak hair and adorned with prayer flags, which served to both mark the guy ropes (notorious trip hazards), and to send prayers to heaven for the Buddhist inhabitants.

Replicating a Kingfisher Feather Hairpin

“…many beauties take the air by the Ch’ang waterfront… their embroidered silk robes in the spring sun are gleaming… and hanging far down from their temples are blue leaves of delicate kingfisher feathers…”

from “A Song of Fair Women” by Tu Fu