Category: Historica

“Historica Tractatus” (noun, Latin) – essays I have written on a variety of topics, with heavy emphasis on Yuan Dynasty China and Mongolia. Articles are now available via pdf download.

Block Printing and its Impact on Textile and Book Arts

Gordon Ellis taught carving and printing, and volunteered much of his time to the furtherance of this art form. I hope this article will inspire others to do the same.

Names from the Secret History of the Mongols

I compiled this list of names from my copy of The Secret History as adapted by Paul Khan, published by North Point Press, San Francisco, 1984. I intended it as a resource for the Offices of Heraldry for the SCA as well as any LARP or gaming groups that may find it useful.

The Mongolian Invasions of Medieval Europe

In Mongolian warfare, deception formed a basis of battle strategy, and combined with high levels of discipline, organization and personal strength to make the Mongolian army a fierce force to be reckoned with.