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A Timeout …

I’m taking a timeout from hatmaking as I upgrade my technology and web presence. Here I am with my first Smartphone (which is smarter than me so I’m trying to figure it out), which will allow me to post to Instagram (which I’m also… Continue Reading “A Timeout …”

A Tribute to the ShopCats

I set creative work aside for the last little while, to spend time with and care for Toledo, my Black ShopCat. His brother Granada and I said goodbye to him last week. Toledo and his brother were named after cities I had visited in… Continue Reading “A Tribute to the ShopCats”

Meet the Shopcats

Libraries have them. Turkish carpet shops have them. I have them. The supervisors, the comforters, the charmers… Granada is a Snowshoe – a relatively new (since the 1960’s) and uncommon breed in the USA. He and his brother Toledo joined my household in August… Continue Reading “Meet the Shopcats”