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Please email me for my mobile number if you need to call or text.

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Heather Daveno, August Phoenix Hats, PO Box 976, Seattle WA 98111

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August Phoenix Hats, 301 Union Street, Number 976, Seattle WA 98111-0976

You can also find me on the following social media platforms:

  • Pinterest: AugustPhoenix2 (site will become archival as soon as I figure out Instagram)
  • YouTube: Heather Daveno (including my solo performance of “The Tales of Monkey”)
  • Reddit: TheDaveno (NEW as of May 2022. No hats so far, I’m still looking for sub-Reddits to subscribe to.)

And last but not least, my blog at Daveno Travels for the trips that have inspired many of my hats!