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My long-form travel journals which include historical notes and travel tips. Excerpts with heavy photo content are housed at Daveno Travels.

The Inspired Turks

This collection resulted from my travels through Istanbul in 2011. They are shown there alongside the architectural elements that I was inspired by.

Return to Turkey

“See what is outside of Istanbul for a couple of days. Cappadocia perhaps. Or Ephesus.” He offers to find a tour that I can afford and make those arrangements. I chose instead, the ancient Ottoman capitol of Bursa.

Crossroads Tour – A final Bazaar, a last museum, a last day

Baha invites me to Captain’s Table for breakfast, which he promptly covers with an extensive array of dishes. We are joined by an Australian woman who is also leaving today. Baha offers to take us to the bazaar to buy suzani (the embroidered bedspreads)…

Crossroads Tour – Ayasofya and the Sea of Marmara

Today is my last day in Istanbul. My first stop this morning is Ayasofya, another architectural wonder whose design elements I would replicate as a hat…

Crossroads Tour – The Hamami, Suleyman Camii and a Lost Taxi

The final step is being led to a pool of cool water that did not smell of salt but which made me feel more buoyant than I know I am. There are shafts of light coming through the dome and piercing the water. I am floating as much in shafts as in the cool water of the pool…