June 30, 2023

I do custom textile work and so far, I have only turned down commissions that were beyond my physical capacity or skill. So I want to say something In light of the SCOTUS decision today in the case of “303 Creative LLC v. Elenis”.

I have never – and will never – deny your request based solely on your sexual orientation, gender, race, color, religion, or disability. The concept is reprehensible to me. I welcome your query regarding my products and services, regardless of how you self-identify.

Small businesses can and should stand with you.

I stand with you.

Heather Daveno, Artisan/owner at August Phoenix Mercantile

6 Comments on “June 30, 2023

  1. I can’t see you taking a commission from something like The Hairpiece or his ardent fans. Not only for their damaging behavior but for the intensely practical aspect that they have a long history of refusing to pay for goods. I’m actually pleased when a business chooses to put up indications of their social and political aspects. Living as I do in a sea of choices, I can make my decisions accordingly – and I’d much rather support businesses who are inclusive.

    • Thank you Elena. I too, prefer to support inclusive businesses and appreciate when they make their social stand transparent. I think it’s important to be socially responsible on both personal and business levels.

  2. Huzzah for a small business with an ally stance!

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