Meet the Shopcats

Libraries have them. Turkish carpet shops have them. I have them. The supervisors, the comforters, the charmers…

Granada is a Snowshoe – a relatively new (since the 1960’s) and uncommon breed in the USA. He is the current alpha male, with brilliant sapphire blue eyes and not much of a voice. Everything becomes his toy sooner or later.

Toledo is a Bombay, jet black except for a patch of white on his throat and belly, and whiskers which are coming in white on one side of his face. He and Granada are brothers, rescued from a field in Corvalis where they were dumped about 5 years ago when they were about a year old.

Odin was my original ShopCat, a domestic longhair descended from the Norwegian Forest Cat. He was also rescued after his family moved and left him behind. An operation on his right ear severed the nerves and left it partially flopped, which earned him the nickname of “Pirate Kitty” in my old neighborhood. For six months after that operation, he could not close his right eye, hence the name of Odin.

Toledo and Granada arrived about 2 weeks after Odin passed. And thus a new set of adventures began.

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