Re-Imagined: the Results

I am happy to report that my first virtual art show was an unexpected success!

I’ll leave the nuts and bolts details for another day, but suffice it to say that I came out of the weekend with several orders, and had an unrelated uptick in Facebook orders as well. I’ll be busy for the next few weeks.

If you are looking for a hat for the holidays, you should probably order that by Thanksgiving in order to guarantee delivery by Christmas and Hannukah.

After demonstrating this one at the show, the Phoenix / Firebird is finished and ships out tomorrow.

I debuted a prototype of a NewsGirl, (also called a BakerBoy or Apple Cap) which is still a work in progress. I finished a non-lace denim version shortly after the show, which is now united with its new musician-owner in Alabama.

I finished the Kraken Cap in time for the show, and already have two orders. The next one will be in team colors (red, teal and black) with tentacles encircling the cuff. I can hardly wait : )

If you missed the show, you can see all the participating artists at Peters Valley School of Craft.

4 Comments on “Re-Imagined: the Results

  1. I love all the new hats, but I have a marked preference for the Firebird! I’m so glad your virtual show was successful.

  2. Hooray! Winter is coming and everybody needs a good hat! Your hats are THE BEST!

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