Sensing a Trend …

“I see a red door and I want it painted black…”

from “Paint it Black” by the Rolling Stones

Black and red, black and grey, black on black. It’s been a trend this year. When customers aren’t ordering blacks and reds, I’m gravitating to that color combination by choice or by habit.

So, here’s a collection of my Gothic color palette from the past few months. Those shown with masks are custom orders that have been shipped. Others are on their way to holiday art shows at Brookfield Gallery, Peters Valley Gallery, and Uncommon Threads — a new (for me) show where you will find me in the Boutique Artist listings.

If you see something here that you might like, give me a shout. I can probably make something similar for you, black and red optional : ) As a reminder, nearly everything you see here has been made from rescued textiles and found objects, with the exception of the two black-on-black hats, whose materials were supplied by my patrons in order to meet their exact specifications.

2 Comments on “Sensing a Trend …

  1. The palette shown in your work this year seems somehow appropriate. It has quite a year! Your wearable art is always a treat to look at and even more fun to wear! P.S. Thank you for sharing all of the “Tales of Monkey” posts and videos, too.

    • Thank you Dayna. Yes, it’s been quite a year, I’m still making masks to go with every custom hat.
      Glad you enjoyed the Tales of Monkey (now available on YouTube:) and the accompanying six-part article series on my website. It was a fun break from my needles and threads…

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