Welcome to The Mercantile …

If you have arrived at this page in the last week, you may have noticed a change of title and substance on this website. Welcome to the August Phoenix Mercantile!

My hat tag line of “Culturally inspired yet universal, historical yet timeless, handcrafted to wear forever...” has run its course. After 30+ years of hatmaking, it is time for me to move on…

I have a short list of hat commissions to wrap up, and will continue to sell my remaining hats on my website until they are gone. Most of my hats are being marked down for clearance at most locations. I am currently working with my galleries to support their Holiday Sales for Fall/Winter 2022. However, I will not be seeking or accepting new hat commissions after January 1, 2023.

I have received a lot of interest in publishing a retrospective of my work in “coffee table book format”, which will probably be among the first of my new non-textile projects. I am also looking forward to publishing some of my written works, including my Embroidery and Chinese Theater series, to assure that those works are available if this website ever disappears into the ether.

I am planning to launch a new line of limited edition textile artworks in 2023-24. Stay tuned : )

I am thankful and awestruck at the support I have received for my work since its inception. The focus of this page will remain textile related, but as my business is transitioning away from its original purpose, I expect not all of you will want to continue following this website. To those of you who choose to stay for the new adventures, you have my humble thanks and gratitude.

Onward …

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