Progress at The Mercantile …

This website will downgrade to a blog around April 19, 2023, which may result in a brief outage as I reestablish my presence here. Thank you for your patience.

Work on my book titled “A Storied Hat: My work in retrospect” is slowly progressing. Let me know if you would like to reserve a copy. If you have photos, stories, comments or reviews that you would like me to include, please send those to aphoenixhat at gmail. I am especially interested in hats you acquired prior to 2002, which is before I started keeping record.

I am wrapping up orders from December 2022 and am also preparing to move my studio. Once I am settled in to my new space, I plan to start work on the skirts, hoods and a jacket that I hope to launch later this year.

Thank you for continuing to show interest and support in my work and following my journey. I hope you will stick around for the next chapter…

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