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My long-form travel journals which include historical notes and travel tips. Excerpts with heavy photo content are housed at Daveno Travels.

Venetians and Florentines

The hats that resulted from my travels to Italy, shown side-by-side awith the architectural elements they were inspired by.

Crossroads Tour – Firenze Final Day

I wake up at 6:30 AM, but roll back and try to go back to sleep. Forty-five minutes later, a neighbor starts playing Spanish guitar in the lobby just outside my door. There are worse ways to wake up on a Sunday morning…

Crossroads Tour – Portovenere

“Portus Veneris” was first mentioned in the itinerary of Emperor Antonio in 161 AD, when it was used as a naval station for Romans on their way to Gaul and Spain. The city was fortified in 1160.

Crossroads Tour – Genoa Second Day

I could not have asked for a better day. The Lanterna, said to be the oldest working lighthouse in the world, opens at 8 AM. I head out so I can arrive before the crowds…

Crossroads Tour – Arrival in Genoa

Genoa more resembles Florence than I expected it to. The train station is beautiful, with its rococo ceiling and stained glass windows. After a few mis-starts and finally finding an English speaking travel agent to point me in the right direction, I set out to find tonight’s lodging.