Venetians and Florentines…

My first taste of the world outside of the US was in 2009, when I attended Carnival in Venice. I kept a journal of those travels, which you will find at Daveno Travels. Here’s a teaser of what you will find there:

My trip to Venice launched both my hunger for travel, and my catalog of “Travel Inspired” works. These hats were the result of my travels to Italy between 2009-2011, and are shown alongside the architectural elements that inspired them.

Of this collection, my Venetian became one of my most popular styles, inspired by the iron bridges that cross the canals in Venice. I would also develop a Venetian Garden with applique foliage on a padded cuff.

My Carnival was a one of, inspired by a Venetian window I saw at sunrise and to commemorate my first trip here, which was during Carnival.

The next most popular was my four panel Medici, which was inspired by the vaulted ceilings over an exterior courtyard at one of the Medici Palaces in Florence. The construction of this hat is actually Central Asian, making it a bit of a cultural fusion piece.

My Florentine Cap was inspired by a door knocker that I saw, somewhere in Florence.

The two hats were not architecturally inspired, but echo the richness of Italian Renaissance fashion and textiles.

Design inspiration is all around you. You just have to open your eyes to the possibilities…

4 Comments on “Venetians and Florentines…

  1. Of this set, my fave is the Byzantine inspired, but as usual, they are all AWESOME!

  2. P.S. It is really marvelous when you post the pictures of the design inspiration with the pictures of the hats they inspired.

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