Last Call for Custom Hats

I have now removed the shopping cart and Custom Catalog from this site and will not be seeking custom hat orders after December 31, 2022. If you are interested in a custom-made hat, choose from my most popular styles (shown below), and send me your color, fabrication and size requests either via email or via DM on Facebook. Please see my Contacts page for that information. If you want a style that is not shown here, send me a photo and we can discuss your project.

Payment – No deposit is required. I will send you an invoice via PayPal when your hat is ready to ship. Orders placed by December 31 will be ready to ship in 6-8 weeks.

NOTE: You may still see random ready-made hats available for sale after January 1 on Facebook, as I continue to finish up the half-made hats that remain in my shop as of December 23. Follow me there!

To find your hat size, measure around your head at your eyebrows. Your hat size is your head size in inches. CAPS sit above your ears, HATS will cover the top of your ears. I make my hats from vintage and reclaimed materials; only the beads, threads and some laces and buttons are new. See my FAQ & Policies page for additional information.

ALLERGEN ALERT – I own a cat and work in a very small studio. If you are highly allergic to furs or wools, my hats will not be the best choice for you. Meet the ShopCat here.

One Comment on “Last Call for Custom Hats

  1. Hey there! I just stumbled upon your blog post on about the last call for custom hats, and I couldn’t resist leaving a comment. Firstly, I want to say that your custom hats are absolutely stunning, and it’s exciting to see this final opportunity to get one.

    Your article does a great job of creating a sense of urgency and excitement around the last call for custom hats. The beautiful images of your hats, combined with the limited availability, make them even more enticing. The level of craftsmanship and attention to detail in each hat is evident, and it’s clear that you pour your heart and soul into creating these unique pieces.
    Furthermore, I appreciate how you emphasized the personalized nature of your custom hats. The fact that each hat is made to order and can be customized to the customer’s preferences is fantastic. It allows individuals to have a truly one-of-a-kind hat that reflects their own style and personality.

    Thank you for offering this last opportunity to own a custom hat from August Phoenix Hats. Your talent and passion for hat-making shine through, and I’m sure anyone who secures one of these hats will cherish it for years to come. Keep up the great work, and I’m excited to see what future creations you have in store. Cheers!

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