New Product at The Mercantile…

We are pleased to welcome Marie Cooley and her “Tarot of the Tailors” to the August Phoenix Mercantile!

This lovely Tarot deck, designed and crafted by Marie Cooley is now advertised in our online shop and is available for purchase directly from Marie via PayPal. You may contact her at The Fitting Room at the email address listed in the following announcement.

“Twenty years ago, give or take, my Husband and I created the Tarot of the Tailor: a fortune telling deck for Creative people, especially sewers. They were designed as gifts for our friends and made by hand. They proved to be very popular, and the opportunity presented itself to have the deck professionally printed. I have been selling them ever since, as an adjunct to my corset making business.”

“Each deck contains 22 picture cards (with a blank of course to let you create your own or replace the one the dog ate). A booklet is included to help interpret each image to give insight for the reader to ‘read’ the future and ‘give advice’ for the creative person – all in the spirt of fun and games!”

“The cards come wrapped by hand, and tied with string to make a nice gift presentation.”

3 Comments on “New Product at The Mercantile…

  1. This is a lovely deck. I think I have seen it before, though I can’t say for sure it’s the one I gifted to Baron David of Moffat of cherished memory. When was it created?

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